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Ben Sterling is a charismatic, classic and comedic actor with an extraordinary sense of humor. His commanding presence fills a space with quick wit, exquisite timing, and moving pathos.


"Mr. Sterling's timing is impeccable and he imbues his character with a deep authenticity that resonates with the richness of honesty."



"Benjamin Sterling as Lieutenant Kelly is gloriously stoic, but violent in a heartbeat... He has a striking presence and was able to command the stage with pinpoint accuracy in every beat, able to deliver humor and hellfire in equal measure."

- NY Theatre Guide


"Sterling, as Tony, is a whirlwind of activity... and we miss him when he is off {stage}"

- History News Network


"Benjamin Sterling and David Sitler provide top-notch support"

- NY Times


"Benjamin Sterling as Lieutenant Kelly is a great side-man whose constant interruptions of Butler are humorous throughout. He does a nice job of showing growth as a character from initial hatred of Mallory to suspicion to champion of his cause."

- New Jersey Stage


"featuring Benjamin Sterling as the brawny, cocksure Charles who is initially certain he'll quickly vanquish young Orlando, only to succumb to the greatest of Achilles' heels, Pride. Sterling is equally winsome in Act Two as William, a dullard--and quite opposite of Charles--and resplendent as Hymen, presiding over the inevitable weddings that effervesce the ending of a Shakespeare comedy."

- Qonstage


"Benjamin Sterling is appropriately boastful as a muscle bound the wrestler"

- NJ Arts Maven


"Ben Sterling gives a virtuoso performance in the role of The Third Man, changing characters, dialects, and costumes seemingly without breaking a sweat."

- Austin Chronicle


"Serving the play exceptionally well are the romantic leads. Benjamin Sterling's Orlando is a clenched fist, tense over the injustices of the corrupt court and even tense in love until Rosalind loosens him up."

- Austin Chronicle


"a charismatic and astonishingly clever Shatner-channeler named Ben Sterling"

- Austin Chronicle